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PlaTeG - PlaTeG GmbH

PulsPlasma® CVD

The table shows some hood plants for
PulsPlasma® CVD coating

Type Pulse curent Working area
/ height)
  PP 20   ø 400 x 800  
20 A
  ø 300 mm x 500 mm  
  PP 60   ø 500 x 1300  
60 A
  ø 400 mm x 1000 mm  
  PP 60   ø 700 x 1000  
60 A
  ø 600 mm x 700 mm  
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PlaTeG GmbH
A Company of the PVA TePla Group
Im Westpark 10 - 12, 35435 Wettenberg
Deutschland / Germany
Fon: +49 641-68690-490 / Fax: +49 641-68690-498
Managing Directors: Volker Lang, Carsten Hoppe
Amtsgericht Gießen, HRB 7722, UST-ID: DE814730669
e-mail: service@plateg.de
Internet: www.plateg.de

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